Monday, March 10, 2008

Reading for fun and learning

I have always loved to read and I still do. I am not to fond of sleazy romantic books but I love a good crime book. I like true stories that touch your heart and makes you cry. Sounds horrible perhaps but it is usually those books that are the best.

I also like to read about health and nutrition and one of my favorite occupations is actually going through my cook books. That is something I can do over and over again.

Although I read, or scan, daily on the net it is not the same thing to read a book that you can hold in your hands. As an expat it is difficult to stay"in the know" about book releases so I try to keep an out out for new books at online stores. Although I may not read them I like knowing about them. Barnes & Nobles is an excellent option for doing that if you want to see book releases. If you are not sure where to start looking have a look at the tag cloud, that will tell you what others are looking for. You can also find Barnes and Noble coupons to save a little on your spending should you decide to buy a new book. Of course they have several good things for your home office as well; organizers, stationaries and journals to name a few.

Reading is a great way to disconnect from the world for a while and makes you forget problems for a while if you are dealing with something difficult. Whether you read for fun or learning it is a great way to stimulate your brain and make sure that you are working your memory (exercising is good for your memory as well)

I absolutely love Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters, I'd love to hear who your favorite author/book is! (Unfortunately I had to give up all my RR books when I moved to Brazil, which was quite a lot actually and a very painful task to do and here they are no where to be found but I still try to keep up with her new books)

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