Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sign up for alerts and find yourself a job!

There is a very handy and smart feature available on the Internet that way to few people use. It is especially helpful for those looking for a job. I am talking about Google Alerts.

You choose what you want to be alerted about and how often and get it directly to your inbox. If you are interested in knowing if your favorite singer is doing something new you might want to set up an alert for that or if Orovo has new weight loss products, if someone landed on the moon or if a blogger is wanted. See, the latter is a typical example of how you can use alerts to be notified about the latest jobs and vacancies.

Now while the alerts are a very good way to keep up with information it can sometimes not be relevant to what you want to know. Lets say you choose "Blogger + wanted"- you will get alerts about blogger and about articles that includes blogger and wanted. Not necessarily only when a blogger is wanted.

It is also an excellent way for you to keep up with things about your own blog, who is talking about it and who links to it.

Can you get a job through the alerts? Yes it is very likely actually, providing you do reply and send in your application. I don't suggest you stop looking for a job the traditional way but it could help you to sign up for alerts about what you are interested.

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