Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still no Internet

I am currently writing this from an Internet café as my Internet is still down. A technician came over today to check out the computer but he still need to send someone else to come and have a look at the cables outside. I'm not sure why they send a technician to lok at my computer when I knew the problem wasn't my computer. So now I have to wait another few days.

Well I had to come over here and check some emails, I can't just leave my clients without any information and disappear a few days so here I am. I am really sorry that these last posts have been without any real information at all but unfortunately time isn't allowing me to write long thoughtful posts. Time is ticking as always.

Talking about time, Rolex and Rolex Datejust is very popular watch, and having a Rolex is supposed to be a sign of being wealthy, is it? I honestly have not got a watch at all and rely on my computer or analog clock to know the time. And of course my good sense of timing which unfortunately fails me more often than I would like to admit. Who doesn't have a sense of timing is this internet café, all computers show different times so if I don't bring my cellphone I would have no idea what time it is. The computer is 45 minutes ahead.

With or without watch, I do wish time would stnad still sometimes...

One thing I tell you that is so true: "The less time you have the more you get done". So true!

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