Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Time to clean out the closet?

We bought a new wardrobe the other week and I have transferred some of all the things I stored in the first one to the new one. The new one is for our son's room so all of his clothes are now in his new wardrobe.

While I was cleaning out all the old stuff I started to think about garage sales and how you can actually make some money selling your used stuff. When we bought a new computer we first said we were going to sell the old one but later decided to keep it as a back up computer in case something happens to this one. Although you can sell almost anything at a garage sale (old tennis racks,a used cisco, lamps, chairs, books, shoes etc) after thinking about it I didn't find one thing I thought anyone would like to buy.

Well since I didn't intend to sell anything anyway it wasn't too much of a deal not finding anything. But it also made me realize that thankfully we aren't collecting old things that later just lie around and collect dust. I believe I can truly say I don't have a lot of unnecessary things at home.

Well if you are a collector and in need of money a garage sale might be the answer... or you could always sell it on Craigslist :)

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