Monday, April 14, 2008

Blogger Appreciation Day

Darren from ProBlogger has declared today 14 April 2008 the unofficial Blogger Appreciation Day. A nice way to give thanks to fellow blogger.

"Lets spend today doing a few random acts of kindness and encouragement for our fellow bloggers"
So that is what I urge you to do, have a blogger you like? Someone who has inspired you, supported you through your blogging times? Let them know!

Dedicate a post to them or send them a nice email to say thanks.

Me, I am thanking all my readers but also Revka and Christine from Selfmade Chick- they are two truly inspirational women when it comes to blogging and business! Thank you for inspiring me!


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Christine said...

Oh wow - thanks so much!! I absolutely love the title and premise of your blog. "Making a Happy Life..." what more is there?

Thanks again :)


Linda said...

Christine- you are a true inspiration and I am so glad to have found you! :)


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