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Do you have to be an expert to blog?

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Do you have to be an expert to blog?

Everyday we are fed with information on how to get more readers, more subscribers, increase rank, make money, get stumbles etc. The amount of information increase every minute as someone tries to make money and become an expert on something.

What happened to "Blogging for fun"?

Hundreds if not thousands of blogs are created everyday- how many are created for fun do you think?

When I started blogging I was very reluctant to the whole thing. I had heard about it-even read a few blogs but I didn't really want to start blogging. But I realized it would be a great way for me to keep in touch with my family in Sweden so I thought I would give it a try. That blog is today one of the most visited food blogs in Sweden and also the home of weekly food blogging events as well as the only foodie blog roll in Sweden. Through the blog I have landed a few writing gigs.

Through blogging I learned how to make money, became a "pro-blogger", writer and blog designer and today it is what pays the bills.

Am I still doing it for fun? Yes definitely but my perspective has changed a whole lot and today I don't only do it for fun. Today I can definitely say it is a way of living- I could not be without it. Today I am not only Linda- I am a Blogger as well. (Like that is some kind of identity confirmation)

To answer the question- do you have to be an expert to blog- no you don't. The best thing you can do is start blogging for fun without expecting anything from it. It will bring you more pleasure than you can imagine.

And if you weren't an expert before starting you might just become one. Bottom line- don't be intimidated by all the information thrown at you in blogosphere- write for fun. The rest will come as an extra.

Why did you start to blog? Have you changed the way you blog since then?

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