Friday, April 18, 2008

Dreaming of the perfect home

I have talked quite a bit about our house and decorations here so I might as well continue. One of my blog design clients, Rechelle, is building her dream farmhouse. It's a lovely house, big, white and just beautifully decorated.

And seeing the pictures of their dream house I have to say it makes me start dreaming myself. I would love to have a big farmhouse on the countryside, free open areas with the forest close by. The house would be big, have at least 5 rooms and two bathrooms. (With bathtub- that's something we haven't got here), it would have wooden flooring and large windows with exterior shutters. Somehow I cannot imagine having that kind of house here in Brazil, it seems like such an American dream house. In Sweden houses with exterior shutters aren't too common and here even less.

It also makes me think of how we can work toward our dreams and what we want. Rechelle and her family is a proof that dreaming is worthwhile- it is possible to make dreams come true.

Although I would love to live closer to the nature, which is a real dream of mine, I also have another dream- the beach house dream. I'd love to live next to the beach. I'd love to say "I'll just pop down to the beach for swim" Unfortunately my DH doesn't share any of these dreams really. When I talk about living on the countryside he has a different view as he doesn't know the Swedish nature and when I talk about beach house he doesn't seem to have the slightest longing to live next to the beach. That could be a family thing also, he wants to be close to his family, which is understandable.

I love our house and I am very happy here and if we have to live here for the rest of our lives that would be fine with me, but somehow I don't think this is our last house... This is one of the things I like about life- we can never know fully what tomorrow will bring.

If you would like to get some inspiration for your dream house I suggest you read Rechelle's blog. :)

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