Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Help Sparkplugging WAHM & get a free eBook!

Last week eMoms changed the name to Sparkplugging. No longer only a site for Moms but for Work at home parents the new name also bring a new site to the old eMom community- WAHM 2.0- This Isn't Your Mother's Work At Home Business.

Launched just a few days ago yesterday you can now give your opinion on what you would like to see at WAHM 2.0. By taking the WAHM 2.0 survey you get a free eBook by writer Kelly McCausey.

The book is called "Mom's Talk Biz Guide To Copywriting" and has a value of $16.97. By participating in the survey you instantly get it for free. I have yet to finish it but can say that the information given is valuable to any aspiring copywriter. But hurry as the free eBook is only available this week!

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Wendy Piersall said...

You've made ME a happy blogger by spreading the word and sharing the link love! Thank you!! :)

Linda said...

I'm glad to help spread the linky love, I have always enjoyed eMoms and now Sparkplugging. :)

Kelly said...

Thank you for the plug!

Have you had a chance to dig into the Copywriting Guide yet?

I'd love your feedback!


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