Monday, April 28, 2008

I Love weekends!

I hope you have all had a nice weekend. I have had a wonderful weekend!

It feels so good to say that. Actually I didn't do much at all but it was very nice. On weekends I try to catch up with everything that has been left behind during the week and of course I do spend valuable time with my family.

The last part is the most important thing actually. Somehow I find it very relaxing to clean my house on weekends so just doing that is relaxing for me, scrubbing away the dirt. Yesterday however I just hung out with the family watching a film so therefore I am a bit behind on the cleaning part and will have to do that today if time allows.

I really hope you have all had a nice weekend!

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Dorothy Smith said...

That's really cool. I had spent this weekend just meeting up my old friends and going out for a long drive. It was a very refreshing weekend of course when we all gathered and went back in our old golden days of fun. After I came back home I send them some thank you cards for making my weekend so great.


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