Friday, April 04, 2008

Is fear holding you back?

Do you have a dream?

Something you really want to do? Something that you have dreamed of for a long time? It could be getting a dog, opening your own business, buy a new car or anything. But you aren't doing it.

The excuses normally goes something like this;
* I don't have any money
* I don't have time to get a dog
* I can't afford to get a dog
* I am probably not capable of managing my own business
* How could I ever compete with others in the same biz?
* No one believe I can do it so surely I can't
* I don't have the skills

Or really what you are saying is; I am afraid.

Afraid of failing, afraid of commitment, afraid of success, afraid of not being good enough. We all have fears, but we need to overcome them. Fear holds us back and don't want us to achieve what we want.

You may not think it is fear but in most cases when taking a closer look it reveals that it is our fears that are holding us back.

Don't let fear hold you back, set up a plan for your dream and go after it! You can succeed!

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Jenna said...

Great concept.. I think we all make excuses sometimes because we are truly afraid. I've been working really hard lately on stepping it up and chasing my dreams. : ]

Good post!

Dani said...

Great post Linda! I know a lot of people who have great ideas, but don't want to take a risk because of FEAR. My advice to anyone is to always reach for your dreams. We only have one LIFE to make it happen!

Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
Unfortunately for a lot of us we only live our dreams in our heads and don't take action.... a lot of time from fear.

The negativity of friends and relatives can also put doubts in our minds.

Are you a Gunna or a Doer! Take Action & Go For Your Dreams!

(Would you believe I've been working on an article this week about the same topic!! Great minds think alike)

Linda said...

Jenna; thank you! Great you recognize the fear and do something about it!

Dani; that is so true, we really have to do something now- or it could be too late.

Gaida; yes the negative thinking is very much a part of this fear.Yes great minds do think alike-tell me once it's published!


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