Monday, April 14, 2008

It's the air you breathe

"Love is in the air"

What else is in the air? Have you thought about that? How often do you take a deep breath and feel that your body is being filled with clean air? Probably not very often and if you do breath in deeply you may find your lungs being filled with pollution instead of fresh air. Not very nice.

The usage of air cleaners is increasing as the pollution increase. More and more people invest in quiet air cleaners that won't disturb their working environment or home to make sure the air is fresh. Where I live the pollution isn't that bad but if I was living in a larger city where the air is heavily polluted I definitely would consider buying one. The are not that big, quiet and they make a lot of difference to our health.

I'm not sure there is salvation for our planet, everything takes a few hundred years to break down naturally- how can we ever make up for the damage caused? Is our comfort and hectic life styles worth sacrificing our health and environment for?

This is a serious problem and something that should not be ignored. Think about how you treat your body and environment and see if it is not about time you start doing something about it. Be it buying an air cleaner, selling the car and use public transport or moving out on the country side and start raising cows...

Image:Katie Tegtmeyer

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