Saturday, April 05, 2008

Keeping your guests happy

Oh this one is hard-keeping your guests happy. I wrote about this problem om Mamas about two weeks ago or so.

If I have guests the rules are simple; I have a foam mattress for them to sleep on, food in the fridge- please help yourself but show some respect, I serve you if you want to and help you with anything that you need help with and I treat you nicely but I won't change my routines too much.

What I mentioned in my other post about this is the thing that some people go out of their way to accommodate their guests. They try too much. Nope- not me.

But sometimes it is so hard to have guests at home, sometimes you can feel as if you can't relax properly. At the same time it nice as you can leave the daily routines if you want to. But it also depends on who is visiting. At the moment one of my husband's uncles is here and obviously he is not visiting me but my husband. I am still waiting for someone to come and visit me... but It doesn't look like that will happen any time soon.

I guess I should be a good hostess and leave the computer for now... *lol*

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Holy Cuteness said...

I love this blogdesign, very beautiful.
How do you get a second sidebar on the right? I can't find that anywhere explained... :-S

Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
Oh yes... the house guest. I've had friends visit us in Australia from England & New York. It's great also for them to have a 'base' if they want to travel around but don't want to take all their luggage.

And of course there are those friends who come to stay for a week & stay for 6 months!!

Linda said...

Holy Cuteness; Thanks. There are several tutorials for adding a new sidebar, it is quite easy actually. Let me know if I can help.

Gaida: Yes having a base is great when you travel! I'm not sure I would like my guests to stay 6 months though... are you talking from experience? :)


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