Monday, April 14, 2008

LessMessMonday: Make a cleaning schedule for your office

Even if you only need a desk, a computer and a printer for your office you will soon notice that having a small home office is much more than that. I have a very small but highly functional area where I work but non the less I have managed to spread out a whole lot and there are proof of my existence everywhere around the house.

To make sure that I don't spread out too much I have created a cleaning schedule for my office. I do try to keep up with it but I have to admit it is hard. The good thing is that once you start it is easy to stay on top of it.

Here is what to do:

If your work space is really cluttered and badly in need of cleaning you may have to divide the cleaning into several parts the first time.

Decide on one day a week where you will clean your office.

  • Clear your desk of any unnecessary items such as papers and pens etc.
  • Separate what is not business and what is.
  • Stack papers and organize and file them depending on topic or clients
  • Dust shelves and desks
  • Check if the printer is running out of paper
  • Clean your keyboard as well as check that your computer is not being fed dust
As I said, the first time you do this it might take some time but as you do this regularly you will find it is much easier to keep on top. If you find this time consuming you may want to hire someone to help you.

The sooner you start cleaning the better you can work later.

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