Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ring, ring if only you gave me a call...

One of the things that I miss is chatting on the phone with my girlfriends and family. When I lived in Europe I would chat daily to my friends and always be in touch with someone if I needed something. Here that never happens.

Well first of all my social life is almost non existing, and believe me that is not because of me, so the chances of receiving a call from someone here is not very likely.

When I lived in England I would buy a prepaid phone card to call friends and family in Sweden. Here it doesn't cut down the cost that much from a normal call. A normal call from a land line to a mobile, which is the only thing my mother has, costs $5 for 10 minutes. To a land line I could talk another five or ten minutes. Now if you live in the U.S and buy a prepaid phone card for $4.79 you could talk to me for 350 minutes! If I lived in Sao Paulo you could even talk to me for over 600 minutes! (But I don't) There is even a card that costs $1.99!

Can you believe that? (And still no one is calling me...)

It seems to me TheRichcom has unbeatable prices if you live in the U.S and want to call the rest of the world. When you arrive at their site you will see a simple yet easily navigated design, the first page will give you several suggestions on what cards to get. More cards can be found after clicking on the link for a specific area; Asia, Africa, India, Europe etc. Just choose where you want to call to and then search the site to find the best calling card. Choose which card you want to use, sign in or register for free, pay and wait for the pin code to come to your in box and start calling! Could it be easier?

I'm impressed with this kind of service actually, the Internet makes almost everything possible these days. Of course there is Skype and MSN chatting available but it does require that both have access to it and a good internet connection. My mom has neither and my internet speed is not in favor of Skype.

So even if you don't want to call me, you could still use these prepaid phone cards to call family and friends abroad. The better/cheaper card you get the longer you can talk, more value for your money I'd say. And with these prices you can't really say it's too expensive, no excuse for not calling your old auntie in Mexico (or elsewhere) *lol*

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