Thursday, April 03, 2008

We have won an award!

The struggles I and Revka go through with our business, or actually it is only Revka's - I am merely a designer on the side, are paying off!

We have participated in various contests, and still do, we have donated prices for free, we have given away prices for free and we have helped other bloggers for free even when we could have charged a nice little sum for our work. And we do this because we Love what we do!

And now we have been recognized by 5 Minutes for Mom as a Great Site!

Great Site Award 194 by 194 And we could not be happier! We are eternally grateful to our new and returning clients that choose us to make their blogs special. Revka recently wrote a post about why you should subscribe to our free newsletter. In that posts she tells you all the benefits you get when you subscribe and you can also see what kind of discounts we have had for subscribers only. An believe me; we have much more coming up!

And yesterday I released the new Green Circle template which is a Limited design and will only be sold 5 times.
Click on the image to see preview of the template.

This template include
* Exclusive custom wrap border
* Custom background image
* Custom Navbar
* Complete color coordination
* Custom date, post and sidebar headings
* Custom image frame, quote text and border
* Widget ready

More information on how to buy this template here

Having a blog that stands out is inspiring not only for your readers but also for you as a blogger. I prefer writing on a blog that really feels "mine". And who doesn't like a beautiful blog?? *lol*

We are attracted to beautiful blogs just like we are attracted to beauty be it men or women or clothes or art, or blogs. A beautiful looking blog with great content is more likely to get subscribers than a blog with great content and a dull impression. That is a fact. So why take a chance?A beautiful blog should be something every blogger has a right to, and that is what Revka and I think! That is why our motto is " Custom Designs at Affordable Prices". And now we have been rewarded for our efforts. Thanks 5 Minutes for Moms!

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Gaida said...

Congratulations Linds & Revka on your 'Award' It' great when others recognize & appreciate your talents.

Loved their site. Lots of great info. Great looking new Green circle template design.

Linda said...

Thanks Gaida, we have worked hard for it and continue to do so! Glad to hear you like the design!


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