Friday, April 11, 2008

You know it's all personal...

*Phew* I just had to say that.

You know this is a personal blog.


  • It contains lots of typos and errors- mostly due to the fact I write to fast but some also because of lack of attention. I got angels instead of angles in one post and honestly have been too lazy to change it.
  • This blog consists of paid reviews- some better than other and you may or may not like it but I need them.
  • Yes I have failed greatly to maintain my promises on this blog and I feel bad about it but my intentions were good, and still are.
  • No I have never said I am an expert on anything- but you could probably ask me a lot of things when it comes to blogging, Brazilian food and happiness and sadness and I would probably have an answer to your questions.
  • You probably think I should post more often and I completely agree
  • If you think the design should be better coming from a blog designer I can totally understand that too but I do have a serious lack of time to keep up my personal blogs although a new design is in the works (in my mind)
  • This blog doesn't reflect half of what I do in real life- meaning I am more serious about my work than this blog.
  • I blog about what I feel like blogging about- hey it is my blog after all.
  • No I do not plan on staying on Blogspot for the rest of my life but I do like Blogger.
  • It is only a small step in helping moms work from home or helping unhappy people find happiness.
Now no one is confused right? "Don't judge the book by its cover" is a saying I like and it seems so timely here.

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