Friday, May 30, 2008

Another bank holiday

I have lived in Brazil for over three years now, you would think I know when a bank holiday is coming up wouldn't you? Well I don't and I have realized it is costing me valuable time.

So here is a tip for anyone thinking of migrating/moving to a foreign country; take note of local bank holidays and International holidays. In my case, Brazil and US holidays are important as that is where I live and where my clients live.

There was a bank holiday last week Thursday which meant my son's nursery took Friday off. He got sick on Tuesday and was at home Tue/Wed and now today is another bank holiday. Did I get much done this week? Nope. I got even less time as I had to sort out some things for my husband this week and had to go into town twice. Now had I actually planned a little better I would have gotten more done. Lesson learned!

Today we have done a general "house check": we've been checking the outdoor lights and changed a few bulbs, we've checked for unwanted animals in the back yard (rats and bugs which we thankfully do not have or have ever had any problems with but you never know), husband also climbed up the sidewalk tree and cut off a few branches, husband cleaned the car and I did some boring housework that had to be done. Things that should be done more often but usually is left for "another day".

Well the week isn't over yet, I still have two days to finish everything I need... *lol* Now I wonder when the next bank holiday is...

Do you plan for bank holidays or are you just as bad as I am to remember them?

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