Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are you online yet?

Everyday thousands and millions of people are searching the net for that best buy of the product they are looking for be it a hair dryer or camera. Those using the internet to shop today are not becoming less but growing with big numbers every day. That is why I am asking you wahms; Are you online yet?

If your answer to that is no then you should seriously consider getting online a.s.a.p! Even if you don't sell through the Internet you can gain customers and build a good reputation just by being online - which will end in you getting more sales of your product.

Help building your brand and educate potential customers
Wouldn't it be great if you had a page to direct your potential customers to so they can see the benefits of your products?

Now those who represent cosmetic products or other big brands may not be able to set up a page and sell the products, though what you can do is set up a page and write about your products. If you sell cosmetic you can tell about the product, the beneficial ingredients, what you can use the product for including new ideas, where to find the product, what to look for when buying a product, how to sell the product, and much more. And this goes for any kind of product!

You can basically sell your product even though you are not selling. What you need to remember is that even if the sale does not go to your pocket it will increase the amount of products sold for that company and that will increase the potential selling point for you.

What you want to do is build up a good relationship with your potential customers and show them the benefits of your products. Now I have seen a few representatives doing this but far from many. Can you afford to lose potential clients?

A great way to start is to get your own hosting. It will be worth the investment of paying for a host, it also gives you more credibility and helps your customers trust you. I personally use and recommend Bluehost. A great and cheap option. I have been with them for years and I am very satisfied.

Need more ideas or help? Send me an email or discuss in comments.

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
Building relationships is so important with potential customers for continual business.

You definitely have to let them know the benefits... as most people want to know 'What's In It For Me!'

A happy customer is also a great source for word of mouth' advertising to promote you to their friends.

It's much harder to find a new customer than try to keep the one you have.


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