Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FireFox add-ons to help you work better

I cannot imagine working without FireFox! I can hardly stand it when I have to use IE for some reason. FF is so easy, I love the tabs and the easy clicking to get what you want. Of course now IE also comes with tabs but it isn't the same thing :)

Except for the tabbed browsing there is one thing that makes FF special and it's all the add-ons and plugins. There are a few things that helps me tremendously in my job as a web designer and also with daily tasks. Her iare a few of my FF add-ons that might help you too;

* The Google bar. FF does have a Google search bar as default theme but the toolbar has some extra options with easy access to flickr and gmail.
* MeasureIt- this little thing that adds a ruler to FF, very handy if you need to find out what size a header is or how large an image has to be.
* FireFox clocks- you will always know what time it is around the globe.
* ColorZilla- what to know what wonderful color that blog is using? The color picker will help you.
*Screengrab- yep grab whatever it is your screen is showing. Also referred to as screen shot. lets you save the whole page or as much as you want.
*TimeTracker- now this is one of the best tools! It will display how long you've been online or done a special task. You can reset it at any time and stop it if needed. Perfect if you are working on a project and want to know how long it took.
*LoremIpsum generator- no need to write lots of bla bla text- quickly get some lorem ipsum and add.
*WebDeveloper- Will help you see css, html and other valuable info for web developers.
* Firebug - tells you css and html info of websites.
*Google Calendar icon- a quick click and you get to your Google calendar.
* Morning Coffee- now this is an absolute time saver! And great for busy moms who are having trouble remembering what to do. Morning coffee will let you add daily tasks and in the morning (or later if you prefer) you click it and it will load the pages for you. For me I find it to be a great tool to help me remember to visit sites I sometimes forget and need to be reminded of. It is of course a great way to visit your daily "must go see" blogs. :)

As you can see I have not given you the links to each add on, instead I suggest you either google on the one you want to check out or simply visit the FireFox add on page and browse through all add ons. Mind you it will take you some time but will be well worth it. Also remember that adding too many add ons might make FF slightly slower so only add what you need.

Now these are only a few ones - there are many many more you can add just for the fun of it but we'll discuss that another day:)

Do you use FF add ons? Which add on would you not like to be without?

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