Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Free and Easy Way to Track Your Business

Being a WAHM is great, what is not so great is that sometime you are not making enough money to buy assistance needed or programs that can improve your business. As most WAHM's try to be frugal business owners things that comes for free are appreciated.

I've told you about mine and Revka's online meeting that we have once a week. Without these meetings our business would probably not grow. Having an online meeting can be easily arranged via MSN or other type of chat. One tip is to be careful with what details you give out over chat, you may not want to share login details etc.

Even though we are a small business we have plenty of things going on and one way for us to keep track of everything we sell and events coming up is to use Google Doc's. Google Doc's gives you online spreadsheets, calendars and documents with extra special features. We use the calendar to add important dates and events that we should be aware of. We have a special calendar that is only for RS Designs. As we are two determined business women we have also made a spreadsheet with all our sales on which keeps us on track and keep us motivated.

We also have a document with design resources and other important things that belongs to a design business. That way we can both keep track of new links that can help our biz.

This is a free and easy way to keep track of your business for any business owner. As the sheets and documents can be accessed from any computer with Internet access it is always accessible and there is no need to worry about saving your documents. The down side is that if your Internet connection is not very good it won't help much. But there is a solution for that as well, you can print, copy and export your sheet if you want to. The sheets are just like any word processor documents and you can play with colors and fonts as you usually would.

The calendars come in daily view, weekly view, four days view and monthly view and of course if you need a yearly view. The times and slots are highly customizable and you can set daily or weekly events as reoccurring. You can import other calendars as well if you want to.

The good thing with online documents is that anyone you want can access, both me and Revka can add events and upcoming things to our schedule so that we both know what is going on. This solution works perfectly well for us and I advice you to give it a try if you need to be more organized.

How to find it? You need to have a Google account. Sign up for G-mail and get instant access. Super easy and totally free!

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k-rosenberg said...

Thanks for referring me to Google Doc’s, sounds like a great way to keep organized online! Every small business these days has as much a chance as the other thanks to the wonderful power of the internet. The vast market and potential consumers can take any small home based business from obscurity to a money making machine! But as we both know, organization and prioritizing are crucial steps in getting there. That’s why I’ve been using Microsoft’s new Office Live Small Business. It’s a great service that offers all the things you’ve mentioned above, and a little more. It’s basically a one-stop shop, with an organized e-mail platform that’s great for sending out newsletters (it even checks the status of sent messages), and traffic status updates. You can even make a professional website all on your own! I don’t know the first thing about web design and I created a fabulous page for myself!

There’s more information at

I really recommend you and your readers check it out. More now than ever, women out there are starting home based businesses, and unfortunately, a good number of them have yet to discover the incredible opportunities the internet can afford. That’s why I thought I would let everyone know about OLSB. Please give it a try, and send me an e-mail at I work with Microsoft and would be more than happy to answer any questions you or your readers may have! I wish you luck in your future endeavors, and thank you again for posting a wonderful (and helpful) blog entry. Hope to be in touch.



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