Monday, May 19, 2008

A new curtain for every season

Let me tell you what I miss when it comes to interior designs here in Brazil; curtains. Really nice beautiful curtains. Now I'm not saying that they aren't to be found anywhere where I live but I haven't found them yet.

In my town there are some larger stores that sell domestic appliances and clothes etc. including curtains. So naturally if you want to buy curtains that is where you go. Their price is OK but the curtains are so boring! First of all most curtains are "rail curtains" and need one of these ugly roof rails which I just dislike immensely. Those are the most beautiful curtains though ironically. But the "normal" curtains comes in plain colors and have hardly any variation at all. I was lucky and managed to find a set of new blue beautiful curtains with elegant flower patterns on but that was the only time I've ever seen those types of curtains.

Now I would like some more colorful and beautiful curtains to decorate with, you know so that it is fun to change curtains. A new curtain for every season/month/week/day. *lol* As it is now I haven't got any extra curtains lying around so here we stick to what we've got. I have even considered ordering some curtains from abroad, I've seen some wonderful curtain designers. Obviously it is not the curtains that make the house but they do contribute to a nice atmosphere. Or, perhaps I should design my own- I have a husband that works with fabric...hmm*lol*

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