Thursday, May 22, 2008

Simple things made complicated

Having a cellphone is today one of the most natural things and every year new phones enter the market with new functions and possibilities. Today you can even read your favorite blogs through your phone and twitter to let others know what you are doing.

When my husband got a new phone a few months ago he managed to lock the phone when he was exchanging SIM cards between our phones. It seems to me that most stores do sell unlocked phones but some models you need to get unlocked afterwards. Or perhaps it was only the model we got.

To get the phone unlocked was not as easy as it could have been. I had to go into town, contact the store where the phone was bought, go to the telephone company who directed me to another place where they had someone who unlocked phones. Only that the guy came and went as he pleased and after returning a few times and he was still not there I decided to go home. My husband later managed to get someone else to unlock the phone for him but it was still more hassle than if we had gotten an unlocked phone from the beginning.

This just make me think that some simple things are made complicated... Why doesn't all phones come unlocked?

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WAHM Tara said...

Many phones come locked that way you have to purchase a phone from your cell phone carrier. Example, if you have an AT&T Phone, you can not move over to Verizon with that same phone most of the time. So the cell phone companies have the phones they sell locked to try and prevent you switching carriers.

donna said...

there are tons of cellphone unlocking softwares out there. i remember i unlocked my own globe cellphone a few years back, just found a software that does it all. too bad i couldn't share it coz i lost the file :(

didn't cost me anything.


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