Thursday, May 15, 2008

A TV in every room

When my neighbor told me that they have a TV in every room in the house I almost fainted. "In every room" I said. "Are you serious?" She told me she was very serious and asked me to come inside and check for myself. So we went inside and yes, she does have a TV in every room. In total I think they have five TV's.

We only have one and I would like to believe having only one TV is still quite common in most households. My husband has been talking about getting one of those tv wall mounts for ages and if I say yes he would probably run and buy one today. Well I have always refused to get one, I was never raise with the option of sleeping in front of the TV so that might be why I feel so strongly against it. I feel that a bedroom should have a more relaxed feeling. Though I am very happy the medical center has invested in a tv wall mount- it takes away the pain of waiting to be attended a little at least.*lol*

Do we really need a TV in every room? Have we become so addicted to "doing something" that we don't know how to entertain ourselves without a TV? What do you think?

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