Monday, May 12, 2008

Unwanted blogging break

Time flies so quickly and I have trouble keeping up with everything. I would like to think I am pretty fly when it comes to time management and keeping up with tasks etc but I have to admit I am not. Thankfully I have realized it so it can only get better from here. *lol* My unwanted blogging break has been due to lack of time or the inefficiency of making time. So it has not been because of health reasons.

With all the talk about how blogging is harmful and you can end up in hospital etc I wouldn't be surprised if there soon will be a blog rehab just like there are drug rehabs for those with drug problems. Blogging can make you pretty stressed if you have a lot to keep up with and you could end up feeling stressed/sick. Last year I was sick much more than I have been this year and I do think it is related to stress. This year I do have more on than last year but my priorities have changed and I work differently.

I love blogging but I still believe that taking a small blogging break can be a good thing. Sometimes we need to refill on ideas, or just stop thinking about them. I come up with lots of blogging ideas everyday but finding the time to write about them is difficult.

Well I have been on a small unwanted blogging break but I am back and you can expect more posts from me soon! :)

Here is my question to you fellow bloggers; do you ever feel you need a blogging break?

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Joan said...

Good post. I'm sitting here reading blogs and writing my own, thinking I *should* be doing this and that and this and that... It can be addictive, for sure. Perhaps a blogging break is just what I need too! Thanks for making me think about this a bit!


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