Friday, May 30, 2008

WAH idea: A career in Beauty

Selling beauty products is a common route for work at home moms. It is something most women like to talk about and enjoy selling. While selling may not be for everyone it is possible to stay in the beauty area and make good money from home.

If you belong to those who always are massaging your friends for fun or helping them get ready for parties etc then why not try a career as massage therapist or make-up artist? There are many possible careers within beauty that is lucrative and fun. By contacting massage therapy schools in your area you can get a full list of possible beauty areas to work in.

Yes you do need to study, some courses are longer than others but it also means you have more time to prepare for your work at home change. If you are still working out of home your new career step can grow and you will get a solid ground to build on.

Providing your services to the public doesn't mean you need a big office and start a big business. By contacting your local authorities you can find out what is required for you to attend at home. You will need an area that is separated so it doesn't interfere with your home. With a little bit of creativity you can surely find a corner somewhere in your house that is appropriate.

Tell your friends about your new venture and there you have your first client list. Don't be afraid to ask them to pay for what you used to do for free, this is your new job.

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