Friday, May 16, 2008

What is affordable medical care?

The above question has been haunting me for some time now and I am still wondering; what is affordable medical care? A normal family with a low salary does not have the money to spend on private health care yet the public health care is free but with a service that is everything except good.

I would assume that affordable means that most families would be able to pay the cost that comes with having a guarantee that you will be taken care of when ill. We have always said that the costs for private medical care is more than we can handle. Another part of me says that that is absolutely rubbish! We just don't want to spend the money on it. Of course we can add that small cost every month but we choose not to.

This is just an example of how many families think when it comes to medical cost and health insurance etc - "we can't afford it now, perhaps in a few months". And when someone get sick and you really need that insurance? Then what will your excuse be? We humans are so good at making excuses!

If you happen to live in North Carolina you may want to check out North Carolina health insurance and see if is what your family is missing. If not I suggest you start thinking about what excuse you will use next time soemthing happens and you say "if we had only had insurance..."

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