Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where did simplicity go?

"Nothing in life is simple"

How many times have we not heard that? or "Life isn't supposed to be simple".  Let me tell you what I think; It is a myth!

We are the ones complicating things. We struggle not to live in simplicity, we have become so used to the fact that everything in life is complicated that we take it for granted and do not seek simplicity.

We are making life more complicated than it is!

I am really good at making my life complicated which comes as a result of a defense mechanism that I've had to live with. I often say "and what if...?" I always want to have a back-up plan and always ask myself "well what if...". And I know that I am not alone in thinking this way.

We are constantly adding laws, wanting to know who is in charge, showing who is in charge, showing we are more than we are, we are complicating things. We have come to the point, and we have been here for some time now, that we cannot live without laws and when something bad happens we blame others and we blame the law. Who is responsible for the things happening in our world? We are!

And it all comes down to the complex system that we live in today. It is true; today nothing is simple - Life is not simple. It will never be totally simple but you can change your life today! How? By asking yourself what it is in your life that you are making so complicated. Are your problems really as complex as you think they are or are you not seeking simplicity?

Please note that living a simple life is not the same thing as being irresponsible. It doesn't mean you should ignore the gas bill when it comes because you don't want to live with rules and follow all laws. What we need to do is follow the laws but not complicate them even more.

We need to seek simplicity, not make our life more complicated than it already is.

Are you seeking simplicity or are you living with complicity?

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