Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Workday interrupted

I had just completed my list of only five items that I really needed to finish today. I kept the list short on purpose to make sure I could complete everything and still have extra time in case something happened. I was still holding the pen in my hand when the phone rang;

"Is it "Choriço's" mom?"
"Your son is sick, can you come and pick him up?"
"I'll be right there"

Of my list of only five items I have not completed one single item.

This morning as I was making the list I could really see myself finishing everything. I was really determined to do a good job and get everything done and more. Today was supposed to be a very productive day!

I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow... Until then I leave you with a link to 50 awesome open resource tools for online writers. Enjoy.

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