Thursday, May 22, 2008

Your business card - the Ace

We all know that having an ace on hand when playing cards is very good and having more than one is excellent. But even with an ace you can lose the game. It is all about how you distribute your cards.

Getting a business card for RS Designs was not my first thought when I joined RSD in June last year. (jippie 1yr anniversary coming up!) Joining RSD was more for fun and some extra income and never had I thought we would grow the way we have. As we have grown and we are steadily getting more and more clients we have also realized that we need to get a business card. This has been on my mind for some time but not for RSD but more for my Language lessons and translating services but I have never taken the step to get some.

Now when the subject came up again, but this time to promote my web design skills instead, I felt it was time to take the plunge. And of course I wanted to design my own card :)

So when should you get a business card?
Very good question, like everything else there is no easy answer to that one. My advice would be; when you feel that you are absolutely confident with your skills and knowledge. There is no use of spending money on a fancy business card unless you get the opportunity to use it and distribute it. Many are those who have scribbled down their number on a piece of paper and gotten work through that. When you see that your business is growing (remember many give up after just a few months) then it is time to get your card.

Should I get a pre-made card or get someone to design one for me?
There is nothing wrong with pre-made cards and there are many "good" card templates out there for you to use. However personalizing your card will give you more attention and is not as likely to be put away and forgotten. So my suggestion is of course to get someone to design your card or do it yourself.

And when you have it - who do you give it to?
Now comes the fun part! Distributing your cards! It can be easy to just give your card to anyone who wants one but you should also remember that each card has a price and it can lead to work for you and your business. But then again you should not keep them to yourself and you never know who might need your services. Just giving for the sake of giving might not lead you far. Places to leave your card; Note boards; places that usually have a note boards include; libraries, coffee shops, culture places, theaters, schools, supermarkets, pet shops, shopping malls, news stands etc. You can also ask appropriate places if you can leave a stack of cards or simply walk into businesses ans give them your card for future references.

Get others to distribute your card.
We all know someone who knows someone who know someone else and so on. Think about who in your circle of friends and acquaintances would be able to distribute your card for you, preferably to someone who is likely to do business with you. I already have someone who will be giving my card to some highly influential people in my town. I did not ask him to do it though, he offered and wanted more cards. This may or may not lead to further business for me now but could do in the future.

Pretend your card is the Ace of all cards.
I read somewhere that when you hand over your card to someone you should do it in such a manner that it shows your card is special and you are proud of your card. Not to say that you should slooooowly hand over your card and look the person in their eyes saying "Here is my card- I hope you understand how valuable this is". Instead a smile and "Here is my card- please do give me a call" is enough.

Taking care of your cards
Don't just throw your card into your handbag, get a card holder. I bought a very simple little plastic card holder for not even 50 cents from a book store. Still being very simple it does store my cards and make sure they are not damaged, also showing I do take pride in my cards. It doesn't need to be fancy, the important thing is that your card is protected. Think of your card as an Ace- hold on to it, make sure you use it right and you can win the game!

Want a professionally and personalized card designed especially for you? RS Design can surely help you with that! Send us a mail for a quote! WAH discount available!

Have a special tip about business cards that has helped you get more business? Share!


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