Thursday, June 12, 2008

Animal lovers WAH job: Pet carer

If you love animals you can turn your love into a real work at home job!

Being a pet carer is a wonderful career if you want to turn your passion into a way to make a living. If you thought it is only about taking care of the dog and let it stay at your house you are wrong and could be missing out on some good opportunities. By offering additional services you can gain more clients and get well paid for doing something you love.

Do I need a special education for this? Depending on what services you will offer you may want to take extra courses in animal care. If you have a veterinary background it would of course be excellent.

Can I make my own hours? The animals need to be fed a few to several times a day and if you care for dogs there will be a few walks per day.

Can I open my home for this? I would suggest talking to the local authorities to see what is allowed where you live. Registering as a small biz might be a good idea for tax purposes.

How will I find clients? Advertise in your local newspaper, put up ads in the library or at note boards. Talk to the local vet clinic and offer your services. They will surely like to have a reliable person to recommend the owners.

What additional services can I offer? Besides dog/cat sitting you can also offer dog walking, dog massage, recuperation, day care, weekly care, obedience training, courses for kids on animal care etc. Try to offer something others in your area are not offering.

What do I need? You should have an appropriate are for this purpose to make sure the animals have the best care. Animals need space so the more space you have to offer the better. If you live in a flat you may need to reconsider this wah option. If you will care for cats you should probably invest in a cat tree to make sure your furnitures stay intact. Various toys for animals will be appreciated by the playful kinds of animals. You may need to invest in putting up a fence or stable for the animals. By making each owner feel their animal is special you will win their trust by showing you take care to provide only the best.

These are only a few tips to get you started, if this is something that interests you and you have the appropriate home for it this could be your way to turn your passion into a living!

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