Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad bad blogger

I feel like a really bad blogger for not posting for so long. That I've been busy I hardly have to mention but I'm not sure it's an excuse. Or is it?

I don't know where this week went actually. It just totally disappeared. It was Monday, which I spent most of the day looking at some horribly coded css without being able to do much about it. Tuesday came and Blogger went on strike. Wednesday and Thursday Blogger goes on light strike again but I finally manage to work some. And today - where did today go?

And lately I have been feeling like a swollen baloon so if  I don't start exercising more I might have to look into generic Phentermine or so to get some of the excess off... *lol* It is so freezing cold here right now that walking isn't a priority. A pity as I enjoy walking, I only need to get out of the door first... Well first the blogs and then the exercise.

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