Monday, June 23, 2008

Health supplements for tired moms

I was reading an ad where the mother told how incredibly tired she was and how she fell asleep during bedtime stories. Now after taking some extra health supplement she has so much more energy. And it made me think of how energetic I am.

What I thought to myself was; "I should be taking some of that". But then I also though that I don't need it as I'm not that tired. I don't fall asleep during bedtime stories nor do I walk around like a zombie during the day. So I am not tired in that sense, what I lack though is energy. Energy to move more and a kick in the right direction to get moving.

Whenever I see these kind of advertisements I always think that it would be better if the person ate a more balance diet and exercised more instead, then s/he would have more energy. But that is easier said than done. I know a lot about having a healthy lifestyle but knowing is one thing, practicing another.

Of course these supplements are not only for tired moms but also for dads and men/women in general. Though being a mom is very tiresome. And thinking of that - all of a sudden I am not totally against the thought of taking something that would make me have more energy. Not as a long term solution but as a kick to get more active. Well I won't take any supplements but what I will do is drink more fruit and vegetable smoothies and get rid of the afternoon coffee.

How do you stay active and keep up the energy?

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Fuser Bar said...

Good morning:

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Laura said...

If you’re concerned that you should get your nutritional kick from a natural diet, you can try any number of natural based supplements. These are made from natural products and are simply natural, nutritious foods in concentrated form. So each serving provides the equivalent of 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables, which is the required daily recommendation. A product like Ruby Reds contains yummy ingredients like strawberries, cherries, apricots, berries, pineapples, red grapes – over 50 natural ingredients. You can eat it plain or make a smoothie! Supplements are a wise choice in today’s world when we are required to perform at high levels of stress. We need the supplemental nutrition to boost our energy.


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