Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Learn as you go- the best learning experience

Evolving a business is something that only comes with experience. You can be told everything there is to know but until you try to do it yourself you won't really know the in's and out's of it.

Perhaps you have decided to jump on a franchise opportunity, you will probably be given some training but when it comes to running it by yourself there are things that you learn as you go. Even if there are certain things everyone must do we all have our own ways of doing it. No matter what business you are in.

We have certainly experienced this at RS Designs. In the beginning there were lots of things we had no idea about or things we didn't realize. As our client base grew we also saw that there were a few things we needed to change, rules to set up, measurements to take.

Examples of things we've had to consider; Working hours? Should we have fixed ours or not? When is overtime? What can a client ask us to do? What are we not ready to do? Where do we want to go - what direction are we taking? Some of these questions have made us set up certain rules for our business. Although we are a very "open minded" company we still have families to care for meaning we reserve the right to be extra compensated for projects that require us to work over time, we will not work with "adult" projects and we now have a limit of what our packages include and other things that help us work more efficiently.

The learn as you go experience is great in my opinion, it helps you grow as your company grows. What you should not be afraid of is to grow with your company and set up new rules or change. It might mean you will work more, less, have someone who isn't happy or so but in the long run your company will benefit and so will you. We have never noticed any negative reactions to our changes.

We learn as we go in everything we do, we weren't made to know everything from the beginning. Life would be so boring then, some things you can study some you can't. I am loving growing with my new knowledge, how about you? Are you growing with your business?

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