Monday, June 30, 2008

LessMessMonday - Use colors to organize your WAH office

A colorful life is a happy life, or at least that is what I think. The more color you have around you the more of your creativity you can let out and use.

My favorite colors are black and blue, not very uplifting colors actually. As a teenager I strongly disliked pink and would never in my life put on a pink garment. Today I really like pink and have several pink jumpers.

Decorating with blue and black might not be best choice when trying to create a creative workspace, thankfully the color rainbow is full of different shades so there are plenty of options. Select a few colors you really like and buy a set of different sized folders and pens in the same color. By doing this you can easily keep track of bookkeeping, important notes etc. Stack them neatly and you will have a well organized work at home office. Looking for soemthing? Just check for the designated color and you will find it.

A small and easy yet very effective tip! Less mess for your office.

Photo:Thiru Murugan

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