Thursday, June 12, 2008

The new Mommy trend - Mommy cards

How many times haven't you as a mom scribbled down your number on a spare piece of paper just because you didn't have anything else to write on? I have personally written on receipts, napkins, books, you name it.

Wouldn't it be great it you could just hand over a beautiful card with your name and telephone number on? As moms we are usually not know by our first name but as "...'s mom". As "only" a mom you may not want to have a business card, which is why there are now Mommy cards available for just moms.

A Mommy card will have your name, telephone, email and your kids name on it. It can be personalized the way you want it. If you are a blogging mom it can even have your blog's colors and layout on it!

The good news; Revka and I have just opened a brand new selection of Mommy/business/blog cards! You can read more about it at
RS Designs!

You can either choose from our pre-made cards or let us create a custom design for you. We create the design for you, you get the file in an email and send it to VistaPrint or bring it to a local printer to print your cards. As easy as 123.

The images are of high quality and are thoroughly checked before sent to the customer. Your card will not be blurry as it may seem on these pictures!

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
What a brilliant idea... Mommy cards. It's a wonder no-one has thought of it before. I think you may have started a new trend!

I certainly remember writing on scraps of paper.


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