Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Perfect Saturday Night

A perfect Saturday night for some might be a night out on the town dancing, mingling and laughing in the company of many. Although I too do enjoy that occasionally for me a perfect Saturday night is something different; a nice dinner, a good film, some popcorn or something edible that has been prepared with love. All at home with my family in the quiet of our home.

Today I made "Pasteis de Nata"- Portuguese Custard Tarts, especially for my husband so that is what we will enjoy. Now all that is needed is to insert the film in the DvD, serve the tarts, make something to drink and sit back and enjoy an calm and cozy evening. That is my kind of perfect Saturday night.

Funny how popular it has become to get a good video card and a large monitor to watch film on the computer. We still stick to the TV but for some it might be worth investing in those things.

Oops, my DH is calling me, I better go and serve those Pasteis and watch that film. *lol*
Have a nice evening and a great weekend!

How do you prefer to spend a perfect Saturday night?

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