Saturday, June 28, 2008

The weekend blogger

If you are a homeschooling mom or work outside of home you might not have time to update your posts during the week. For Blogger bloggers that has been a real issue as there has not been a "future post" option to posts. Now the great news is that that has been added! For some time now Blogger bloggers can time stamp their posts. A very good feature which I plan to use myself the coming weeks.

With Revka being on a slightly earlier maternity leave than planned (baby came last Friday and was supposed to arrive July 4.) it means I have to keep up with all orders and RSD work myself. So now is a great time to try out he new future post option in Blogger. It also means that there are now not any excuses as to why there are no posts during the week. :)

I like blogging on weekends. Strangely enough I prefer it when the whole family is at home. I feel stressed when I have a lot going on but since I made a commitment to myself to not work during weekends I have also found more joy in writing. For me writing on the weekends and designing during the week works best. Designing on weekends is hard, I require more quiet time when coding. Somehow all the TV noise and chatter helps me when writing. Somehow just writing doesn't seem as work to me even though it is in a way (especially if you write articles and are being paid for them*lol*).

In a sense I guess you can say I am a typical weekend blogger, I blog best at weekends. What about you, when do you blog the best? Are you a week or weekend blogger?

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Just Jen said...

I love the future posting option! I'm a weekend blogger too, it's the only time I can get some peace and quiet around mom :)

science for kids said...

That is the only reason I use Wordpress. That way I can sit down on one day and type out several posts and have them actually publish on different days.


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