Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend trip

I've learnt another reason to why planning is necessary; in case your husband suddenly decides you are going out of town. That's what happened on Saturday; my husband called me and said we were going to visit some relatives.

As a loyal wife I didn't have much to say. I quickly emailed a few clients and told them I would be out of town and went to pack. Although only a short trip it disturbed my planning for the weekend.

My husband's uncle had bought a new car which he proudly showed us, insisting that we took a ride in it we all got into the car. I think one of our first thoughts was that we wished we had life insurance because he clearly did not know how to drive properly. He stepped on the gas so hard that the car was jumping forward instead of rolling. My husband had to show him how he should drive and gave him a small lesson. We all laughed but after that he drove a little better.

It was freezing cold and I had four jumpers on and a blanket when we went to bed and I froze the whole night. It's funny because the weather is always extreme there, when it's hot it is very hot and when it's cold it is very cold while here where we live it's always "normal". Meaning not too cold or too warm.

Coming home was a relief as usual, I always get very tired going there and only a day is too much.

This week will be a good week! I am almost a single mom this week as hubby is doing a course at night so I need to shorten my hours a lot! Great to practice time management. I am looking forward to a week full of work! :)

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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Internet Secrets Investigator said...

Unexpected weekends away are always a blessing and a curse. I am glad to have found your blog and will be back again.


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