Thursday, June 05, 2008

What are you paying for?

You need to invest if you are to gain anything back

This is what many seem to forget. Why is is so difficult to understand that you get what you pay for? Some might say no now but it is true!

I saw on a forum today that someone was looking for someone wot create a "really simple" website for her in one day and she would pay $25.

$25 and one day's work??

Now first of all, setting up a page may not take that long but there is a process in creating a website. Only going through what is needed or what the client wants can take day or two depending on emailing back and forth. And to only pay $25?

I have nothing against the person who placed the ad but I really felt like laughing when I saw it. I just thought; good luck! Hope you find someone who will do it for that price.

And s/he might even find someone to do it for that but what will the quality be like? Paying a low price is one thing but wanting it in one day? Now that is simply too much IMO.

There are new starting WAHM's out there who offers blog/web design for a very low price. Many of them do it for fun. Berries and Cream Blog Design is a business and we do not do it only because we love it but also because it is our business. Our prices may be higher than those $5 headers you can find out there but we are also more experienced and we have guarantees towards our clients. Our work is unique and we are happy to assist until everything is perfect. Our prices are also very reasonable.

Even if I were totally desperate for money I would not do the above job, it would give me far more headache than necessary.

If you are buying a service, please consider what you are paying for. Cheap does not mean good. And even if it does, please do value the work of the one who is providing the service.

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Cosmetic Dentist said...

I deal with things like this all the time. People want me to work for the same amount as those in India and Singapore and I can't. Some of them go with the cheap price overseas and then find out it is a hassle. The work does not always get done, the english is terrible, and it is generally just low standards of work. They eventually come to me and end up paying my fees.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, as a freelance writer I often see ads like this and wonder who does them? I know some people are short on cash, but if people need a job doing well then they should be prepared to pay for it!


Gaida said...

Hi Linda,
It's amazing what people will ask for. You can guarantee that even if someone accepted the work it wouldn't be right and then you would be expected to spend more time on trying to fix it up.


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