Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Winter has come

Just thought I'd write a quick note about the weather here in Brazil.It is cold. And rainy.

It is as cold inside my house as outside. I am not lying when I say that it is as cold inside as it is inside the fridge. Believe me, I do not feel the difference when opening the fridge. Which is good in a sense that I all of a sudden have more storage space- no need to only use the fridge for things that needs to be chilled. I do not have a wine refrigerator but if I did I wouldn't need to use it. I am sure that any wine would be at perfect temperature just by being in the kitchen.

These last few days I've used the oven more than I have in months, standing next to the stove is wonderful. Coffee doesn't keep me warm so I drink tea instead. Doing the dishes is a dreaded task as there are only warm water in the showers. (No, I do not do my dishes in the shower thank you) So if I don't want to freeze off my fingers I need to heat some water.

Winter began four days ago. It will be a long winter... buuuuuuuuurrr!

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kidkraft said...

It always throws me off to hear you are having winter when I am having 100 plus degree temps.
There is a great photo story about Brazil in this month's National Geographic and it makes me want to come and visit myself. But I think I will wait until your winter is over!

list mama said...

I would think coming from Sweden that you would be a pro at winter weather :-) I never thought much about Brazil being cold. Are you in the southern part? I try and send some warm vibes from us in summerland!


roz*e said...

I remember winters in Brasilia ( cold and dry). Taking showers was a night mare. When I got out of the shower - I froze to death. Yes, it is cold in Brazil.

We have some little portable heaters here in the US - you don't find those in Brazil?


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