Friday, July 18, 2008

Effective Marketing

As I have mentioned earlier it is currently winter in Brazil. It has been pretty cold and the ice cream car that usually pass on the street everyday ceased to come and the ice cream place around the corner closed its doors.

So what does an ice cream company do during the winter? Well either they sell something else or they come up with a smart marketing strategy. That is what one of the ice cream companies did here, they started a big contest where you could win a large amount of money. I thought that was very smart and I am sure it worked. Me, personally would never buy ice cream during this season and risk that my family (especially little DS) get sick but of course there are those who will.

Another effective marketing strategy is giving away things for free. About two weeks ago when we came out of the supermarket we were approached by a man who asked if we wanted to put our names down for the possibility to win a weeks free holiday at their resort. (Nothing like Hilton Head rentals but it looked nice on the pamphlet) We said yes and gave him our names. Afterwards my husband said: "You want to bet they will call and say that we have won?" Of course they did, in fact the day before yesterday they called and asked if we would like to receive the prize.

What happens is that they give you a week for free, including breakfast. But there are no guarantees of where you will stay and you will have to pay for the trip and any extra expenses. I tried to convince my DH that the hotel would cost more than the actual trip but without success. You can only receive the prize until November, before it gets really warm and they tourists come. And once there you will probably spend a whole lot more than you initially thought you would.

These are only two examples of smart marketing strategies but it shows that it usually work very well. And that is what a small company also need. A plan on how to survive when low season hits. Finding a strategy that works might not be easy but if you haven't already got one for your home business I suggest you start thinking about it.

Do you have a low season plan for your home biz?

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