Thursday, July 10, 2008

Holiday coming up!

I am so happy about this. I have decided to take a holiday. Last time I had a holiday was.... hmm ... long ago.

The thing with freelancing is that it is difficult to take time off, your clients don't really want to know if it is a bank holiday or not, they want their projects to be completed. On weekends I often feels tressed because I know that I have projects to finish and can't really relax and spend proper time with my family.

You might be surprised to know that I will actually work during my holiday. (I can imagine someone raising their eyebrows now) Instead of accepting new projects I will finish current ones and spend some time on my own sites. My blogs have been neglected badly and I am trying to find a way that works for me to update them all and still get new ones going. Because believe me, I have more projects coming! I never run out of ideas of things to do. *lol*

Reason being I decided to take a holiday is because my son is off on a small winter break next week and I figured that instead of me stressing that I still have to work it will be better for me to take some time off.

Meaning that I will have an option of being close to the computer but I don't need to. Of course if I get assignments to write then I will. But I will of course try to finish off what I need to do before going on my holiday. But I have a feeling I will also concentrate on writing more articles for my blogs. So It may or may not be quiet here. Only time will tell.

So what else will I do on my holiday? Well except from hanging out in front of our LCD TV (I wish- we only have a normal TV) I will play with my son, take him to a nearby park, take care of my neglected houseplants and house. I will care for myself and my son and I am even planning some mother baby yoga for us. Not sure how that will go but I might give it a try. We will practice lots of Swedish and most important of all: we will have fun!

I don't care if I have to work late nights this week, I just want to go on my holiday next week! :)

Want to get hold of me urgently? I will still check my emails, I might only take some time to reply to them :)

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