Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time flies

Can someone just stop the time for me for a moment please. Seriously, where does the time go? Does it just pass and vanish or does it get locked up somewhere? If I hadn't scheduled the last post there would not have been a last post. My son got sick on Sunday and half of my week got behind because of that.

And then this week has passed so quickly as well. It's amazing.It is hard to keep up with everything that needs keeping up with.

I have to say I love the blogging world, before today I had no idea what cell phone amplifiers meant, now I do. This is not the first time I express my admiration for the technology we use today. We take many things for granted but we many times we cannot even explain how it is done or where it comes from. Today the Internet is such a valuable resource and we can fnd almost any answer on there but how many can actually explain how the Internet is built? I sure cannot but I have a fairly good idea.

One thing I sure cannot explain is where the time goes. For me the time flies and too quickly! It's already 2pm and I'm thinking: where did this day go?

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