Friday, August 01, 2008

Healthier habits

I have finally after many years of dull excuses taken up running agian. Sure it has only been a bit more than a week but it has been great! I am so happy that I have started running and every day I long for the next time I can go out and run.

When I was a teenager I ran all the time and I have always enjoyed it very much. However as I got older it got put on the side and I became more or less one of those couch potatoes. *lol* Well those days are over, I have now changed my diet, cut out my coffee and started running. I thought it would be hard to give up on the coffee and the sweets but it has been easy. Actually I haven't given up totally but almost, from drinking 6 cups a day I now only take a few sips in the morning and that's it. I hope to finally give it all up.

I don't use a gold anklet but if I did I would probably remove it before going out, I don't liek to run with jewelery and things that distracts me. I have been bringing my MP3 with me but the earplugs keep falling out so I only use it for the days when my training is a bit lighter and I go for longer runs. I like to be able to concentrate and fully enjoy my run.

Well I have changed my life, how about you? Have you finally gotten out of that same old rut that's been keeping you from doing something you really want to?

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,

We all seem to start out with good intentions. My walking mate couldn't go this morning. So instead of heading out by myself I did some fruit shopping and am now trying to catch up on some computer work on my 'day off'. At least my hands and brain will get a workout!


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