Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There is no unnecessary information

Sometimes we are incredibly short sighted. We believe we know what is best for us and insist on not doing things we think we do not need to do.

For example I might say;"I don't need to know about futures trading"! But how will I know that I really do not need to know about it? It might not be valuable information to me at this very moment but perhaps one day I might be in need of knowing about it.

The same things goes about almost everything, but the bottom line is; we can never know what kind of situation we will be in at a later date. It's like taking a safety course, you know you should do it but you put it back to another day and once you know it an accident has happened and you regret not taking that course. You could end up in that situation.

Never say never to anything, be open minded- you will gain so much more then.

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