Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Valuing your life

According to a survey in the U.S a traffic accident occurs every six second resulting in almost a five and a quarter million accidents per year. Source.

Wow that is scary! But I don't doubt it, I see these things on TV everyday here and it is frightening to see how drivers aren't paying attention in traffic. People are killed everyday, and it doesn't even need to be by car or bus. A few weeks ago a man died as he accidentally hit a pedestrian while riding his bicycle. Until today no one really understands how it happened.

Being careful in traffic and valuing our lives is utterly important, don't undervalue your life. Be careful., you never know when it might happen. Are you prepared if anything happens to your family?

Please do make sure your family is properly insured in case of an accident. You never know when you might need it. Shoppers can apply online for a life insurance quote by clicking here

We only have one life, let's make sure we make the most out of it.

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