Friday, August 15, 2008

When going to the movies was a special treat

Having a home theater is a wonderful thing, if you like it of course. I don't particularly like it so much that I would want to have it at home. My husband has done some connections with the stereo so we can turn that on if we want but I prefer not to use it. It is probably a matter of getting used to.

But it is not only the sound and the image that are important these days. Now you have to sit really comfortable as well. Talking about what kind of home theater sconces to buy has become a dear topic as well as from what I understand. Not only are they supposed to be comfortable, they have to go with the rest of the furnitures as well.

For me, going to the movies once in a while is a much better experience than using a home theater at home every day. It seems as going to the movies is not something you do on special occasions because now you can have the same experience at home. I think that is kind of sad actually. Think back when movies were still black and white colored and there were no big flat screens. Imagine the excitement to go to the movies and enjoy a film.

It's great that technology goes forward but it also makes me think that sometimes we go too fast and forget the simple things in life...

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