Friday, September 05, 2008

How golfing can help you when times are rough

A golf course is large, wide and has small hills, uneven landscape and can be a real challenge even for an experienced golfer.

Look at Orlando golf, they list all sorts of golf courses to make sure their golfers find the right one and try new ones. They list how many holes each golf course has and what you can expect to find once there. Now common for all golfers is that they all have the same information when they get there, how well they do is up to themselves. Depending on their skills they can take longer or shorter time to finish and to score. But they will all reach the goal, no matter how long it takes.

Life is like a golf course, it goes up, down, varies from country to country, from life to life, but normally we all have the same chances. The outcome depends on what we do and how we choose to play through to reach the end.

If you think life is rough and are not happy at all, think of it like a golf course, it is necessary to go through all the stages to improve skills and grow as a person and golfer. There are no shortcuts and in the end you will feel stronger. If you are not happy; improve your skills, go the same route again and again until you go through it without difficulties, never stop wanting to move forward. And when you are at that last hole that only require as short put then take it easy and think of how long you've come and look forward to the next golfing round.

Life is what we make it, remember that.

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