Monday, September 01, 2008

I am free! Enjoying an easy day

That is what I felt like yesterday when I finally finished off a project that has been hanging for a few months. But yesterday I finally finished it and I feel so good! I feel free!

This morning I woke up without feeling a pressure to do anything but instead longing to work. For some time now I have been wanting to catch up on everything and kind of start over. Today I have deleted over one thousand feeds (not the blogs but the feeds) I cleaned out my email, posted on my blog, sent out an important newsletter and did a few other things that I've been delaying.

To make sure I have more days like these I will continue to clean out my feed reader and exclude a few blogs that I no longer read, keep up with the inbox and do things as quickly as possible.

A friend of mine just came over and we've been chatting for a while, I didn't feel any pressure to go back to work but sat and chatted as if I had all time in the world. I love that feeling, when you take time to do things for yourself and for others.

I can come up with a to do list quickly if I want but it is nice to enjoy not having anything urgent to do. So today I'm going to pick up my son from nursery a bit earlier and just play with him.

Don't you just love days like these?

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