Monday, September 01, 2008

In search of perfection

Did you know that in the United States over 70,000,000 people turn to weight loss pills to try and help then lose weight. That is a lot of people! Source.

70,000,000 people and they all think that weight loss pills will help them. Now weight loss pills may be a helpful solution for many but I'd like to ask these people if they have tried exercise? That is definitely a better solution than pills.

Is this all in search of perfection? Why on earth are we so desperate to lose weight that we eat things we have no idea what it contains? Yes, medication is required many times and weight loss pills can definitely help but the best thing would be if we learn to eat healthily directly from birth. As early as possible before our taste buds have gotten used to the junk food we so happily eat.

We will never be perfect but a healthy living is a good start.

Think about how you treat your body. Cut out the things that aren't good for you.

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dana wyzard said...

I hate buying magazines that promise weight loss, then feature cakes and brownies in the back.


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